Caring for the Community

Shuff Lives In Service Of Others

Tony Shuff said he is thankful for the invitation to attend a Christian meeting while he was going to college at Eastern Illinois University in the early ’70′s. Shuff said it was that meeting that made an impact on how he views life and credits Jesus for his many blessings. Shuff, who serves as the Director of the Salvation Army Keest Center in Lincoln as well as the founder of Resilient Premier Cleaning Services, is The Courier March Citizen of the Month.

Shuff grew up in the farmland around Bridgeport, Illinois and always took an interest in the field of art. He enrolled for art courses at Eastern Illinois University where he had a chance encounter with the emerging born again Christian movement on campus.

“A friend invited me to come to a meeting on campus and I was only going to be polite, but to my surprise, the meeting was life changing,” said Shuff.